About SPPI

Our Team and Leadership

At the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI), our efforts are driven by a committed team of professionals and guided by a visionary board of directors. Each member plays a crucial role in pursuing policy solutions that promote a better future for the American Southwest. Learn more about the individuals who make our work possible:

Board of Directors

Meet the dedicated leaders guiding our strategic direction at the Board of Directors page. Our board members bring a wealth of experience and expertise from various sectors, united by a common goal to drive meaningful policy change in the American Southwest. Their visionary leadership ensures that SPPI stays true to its mission, values, and commitment to impact.


Discover the passionate team behind our day-to-day operations on the Staff page. Our staff’s diverse skills and backgrounds enrich our approach to research, advocacy, and community engagement. Their hard work and dedication are the backbone of SPPI, enabling us to tackle the region’s most pressing issues with innovative solutions and a data-driven mindset.

Our Origins

The Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is a research institute built to explore and build on sound, data-driven policies regarding education, crime, and economics that will encourage positive change in the American Southwest.

Many think tanks have fallen victim to the mentality of communicating only to the echo chamber: they only target individuals that agree with partisan messaging. SPPI’s approach enables us to reach new audiences by micro-targeting constituents on issues like finance, energy, education, or public safety.

With SPPI’s data-first approach and the inclusion of every state in the American Southwest in our efforts, there is tremendous potential for reinvigorating traditional American values with one motto: WE AGREE. By removing the stigma from conversations with constituents and addressing issues with solutions to solve problems, we truly believe that we can help move the American Southwest in a positive direction and set an example for the entire region to follow.

Our focus includes fostering innovative policy alternatives at the regional, state, and community levels to enhance individual initiative and entrepreneurship, broadening the role of volunteerism in confronting public problems and the sense of community among the public, government, and business.

The division in America comes from the unwillingness to communicate with one another and to discuss the problems and the issues in front of us. By working together, exchanging ideas, and bringing solutions to problems we face, we can accomplish what public servants are meant to do: deliver better living through better policy.

Our Mission

The Southwest Public Policy Institute is a research and educational institution headquartered in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with offices in Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin, Texas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in the American Southwest by formulating, promoting, and defending sound public policy solutions based on the principles of free enterprise, personal responsibility, limited government, individual freedom, and traditional American values.

The Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Donations to the Institute are tax-deductible.

Discover More

At the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI), transparency and accountability are core to our mission of fostering positive change in the American Southwest through sound, data-driven policies. We are committed to maintaining open communication channels and providing our supporters and the public with detailed information about our operations, financials, and the impact of our work. For those interested in delving deeper into our organizational practices and contributions, we invite you to explore our profiles on leading nonprofit transparency and evaluation platforms:

  • SPPI’s ProPublica Nonprofit Explorer Profile: Get an in-depth view of our financial reports, IRS filings, and organizational summary. ProPublica provides a detailed look at our revenue, expenses, and the operational structure that guides our mission.
  • SPPI’s Candid GuideStar Profile: Candid’s GuideStar platform features our comprehensive profile, showcasing our commitment to nonprofit transparency. Here, you can find detailed information about our goals, strategies, capabilities, and achievements, all of which underscore our dedication to improving the quality of life through policy reform.
  • SPPI’s Charity Navigator Profile: As a tool for informed giving, Charity Navigator offers an overview of our financial health, accountability, and transparency. Although currently unrated, our presence on Charity Navigator reflects our ongoing commitment to uphold the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and organizational integrity.
  • SPPI on Wikipedia: For an overview of our history, initiatives, and impact, visit the Southwest Public Policy Institute’s Wikipedia page. This resource provides an accessible summary of our work, milestones, and the principles that guide our approach to policy development. It’s a great starting point for those looking to understand our role in shaping the policy landscape of the American Southwest.

We encourage you to visit these platforms to learn more about our dedication to creating a better future for the American Southwest. Your trust and support empower us to continue our work towards impactful, sustainable policy solutions.