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The Latest Updates

  • SPPI-TV Ep. 10: Solving the Rate Cap Puzzle
    Join host Patrick M. Brenner, president of the Southwest Public Policy Institute, in an insightful episode of SPPI-TV as he delves into the captivating world of interest rate caps and the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). With esteemed guests Todd Zywicki, renowned legal scholar, Andrew Duke, Executive Director of the Online Lenders […]
  • Poll: Las Cruces Parents Dissatisfied With Public Education
    Parents of Las Cruces Public Schools students are generally dissatisfied with the public school system. What’s the solution?
  • SPPI Employment Index: November-April
    The good times roll on — how long can they last?
  • SPPI-TV Ep. 9: “They Lobby — You Pay”
    Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of SPPI-TV to gain a comprehensive understanding of the detrimental impact of taxpayer-funded advocacy. In the latest episode of SPPI-TV, join hosts Dowd Muska and Patrick Brenner as they delve into the Southwest Public Policy Institute’s groundbreaking report titled “They Lobby — You Pay: Why and How to Stop […]
  • SPPI Partners with Holtec International to Drive Innovation in Energy and Public Policy
    The two organizations forge a strategic partnership to drive innovation in energy and public policy, aiming to improve the quality of life in the American Southwest and promote sustainable solutions.
  • SPPI President to Join Lou Young Radio Show to Discuss Holtec International
    Patrick Brenner will join Emmy Award-winning journalist Lou Young on “Tough Times with Lou Young” radio show to discuss the recent approval of Holtec International’s permit for a consolidated interim storage facility of spent nuclear fuel.
  • Shaking Up Your Rattlesnakes
    Fifty years ago, Washington’s plans for ‘peaceful nuclear explosions’ ended in Colorado.
  • Report: They Lobby — You Pay
    Why and How to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Advocacy
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