In an exciting development for advocates of parental rights and educational transparency, the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) and the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) have made national headlines with our recent survey project. Breitbart News, a leading source for conservative news and opinion, has featured our groundbreaking survey, spotlighting the concerns of New Mexico parents over the increasing prevalence of transgender ideology in public schools.

This collaboration between SPPI and IWF aimed to give parents a platform to voice their opinions on a topic that hits close to home: the education and well-being of their children. Our survey delved into the perspectives of 400 parents across New Mexico, uncovering a majority’s apprehension towards the growing focus on transgender views in the curriculum and school culture. The findings, stark and revealing, have ignited a conversation that extends far beyond our state’s borders, thanks to Breitbart’s coverage.

The results were clear: 54% of parents expressed concern, with a significant portion strongly agreeing that the rise of transgender ideology in education is worrisome. This sentiment was not isolated to one group; it spanned across ethnic and racial lines, showing a collective unease amongst New Mexico’s diverse communities.

But the survey went further, exploring attitudes towards the involvement of parents in curriculum development and the appropriateness of educational materials. An overwhelming majority believe in assessing books for age appropriateness and insist that parents should have a say in what their children are taught. These findings underscore a crucial message: parents want to be involved, and they demand a say in their children’s education.

Breitbart’s feature on our survey project amplifies this message, reaching an audience that values the principles of family rights and educational integrity. By bringing national attention to the concerns of New Mexico parents, Breitbart helps underscore the importance of our mission at SPPI and IWF: to advocate for policies that reflect the values and priorities of families, and to ensure that education systems serve the children’s best interests, not ideological agendas.

The conversation does not end here. The coverage by Breitbart is a call to action for parents, educators, and policymakers alike. It’s a reminder that the voice of the community matters and must be heard in the halls of our schools and government buildings. As we move forward, SPPI and IWF are committed to using the insights from this survey to push for meaningful change. We will continue to work tirelessly to advocate for transparency, parental involvement, and the protection of children’s rights in education.

This national spotlight is not just a moment of recognition; it’s an opportunity to galvanize support and inspire action across the country. We invite you to join us in this critical mission. Share your stories, support our efforts, and together, let’s ensure that our children receive an education that respects family values and prepares them for a bright future.

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