Four Centers of Policy Excellence

The Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) casts its vision across a rich and diverse tapestry of states that together form the heart and soul of the American Southwest. Spanning from the vibrant plains of Oklahoma, the sprawling vastness of Texas, the mountainous landscapes of Colorado, the enchanting terrains of New Mexico, the rugged beauty of Utah, the sun-kissed deserts of Arizona, the dynamic contrasts of Nevada, to the iconic coastal stretches of California, these eight focus states represent a microcosm of American spirit, heritage, and potential. Each state, with its unique challenges and opportunities, contributes to the intricate policy mosaic that SPPI seeks to understand and enhance, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous future for the entire Southwest region.

At SPPI, our vision encompasses a holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities facing the American Southwest. We’ve channeled our expertise into four dedicated centers, each addressing a pivotal aspect of public policy. Together, these centers serve as the foundation for our research, outreach, and advocacy efforts.

The Center for Economic Opportunity

Vision: Cultivating a vibrant economic landscape where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

About the Center: The heartbeat of any thriving region is its economy. The Center for Economic Opportunity is dedicated to creating and promoting policies that stimulate economic growth, reduce barriers to entrepreneurial endeavors, and pave the way for sustainable financial well-being for all. We aim to bridge the economic gaps, ensuring that prosperity reaches every corner of our communities.

The Center for Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources

Vision: Harmonizing our energy and natural resource goals with the sustainable stewardship of our cherished environment.

About the Center: The American Southwest’s natural bounty is both a treasure and a responsibility. The Center for Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources delves deep into the nexus of energy production, environmental conservation, and resource extraction. Through rigorous research, we aim to guide sustainable resource utilization that fuels our economies while preserving the beauty and health of our environment for future generations.

The Center for Education Freedom and Reform

Vision: Championing a diverse educational landscape where choice and quality coexist.

About the Center: Education is the key to unlocking potential. The Center for Education Freedom and Reforms advocates for an education system that offers choice, embraces reform, and upholds excellence. We believe in empowering parents, educators, and communities to craft educational pathways that best meet the unique needs of every student, ensuring that all have access to the tools and opportunities to succeed.

The Center for Government Transparency and Accountability

Vision: Forging a government that operates with clarity, honesty, and responsibility.

About the Center: Trust in governance is essential for a democracy to flourish. The Center for Government Transparency and Accountability works tirelessly to reinforce this trust. By advocating for open governance, bolstering checks and balances, and emphasizing public engagement, we ensure that the government remains a true reflection and servant of its constituents.

Together, these centers embody SPPI’s dedication to fostering a Southwest that thrives through unity, innovation, and respect for tradition. By addressing these core policy areas, we strive to make our region a beacon of progress, prosperity, and promise.