Patrick M. Brenner: Founder, President

Patrick M. Brenner is the founder and president of the Southwest Public Policy Institute, a research institute dedicated to improving the quality of life in the American Southwest by formulating, promoting, and defending sound public policy solutions.

Before launching SPPI, Patrick worked in public relations and marketing, eventually taking charge of the Rio Grande Foundation’s donor development as the Vice President, growing the Foundation’s donor engagement program. Patrick’s experience, advocacy for transparency, and desperate longing for accountable government have primed him for leading the American Southwest’s state-of-the-art think tank, where he empowers liberty through a data- and technology-fueled grassroots movement.

Patrick is the author of numerous policy studies, and he has appeared in newspapers and on radio and television throughout the nation, including MSN, Fox News, Yahoo, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, Albuquerque Journal, The Federalist, American Banker, Las Cruces Sun-News, The Center Square, Santa Fe New Mexican, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, RealClear Policy, RealClear Markets, The Deming Headlight, and more.

Patrick helps instill American principles in his generation through his activism. Patrick and his wife Christina live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with their three children, Charlotte, Marie, and David. He is a pilot, avid cyclist, amateur historian, ballroom dancer, and former aquarist. The family enjoys frequent trips to the Albuquerque Aquarium and less-frequent visits to state and national historic sites.

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