Brett Kokinadis Joins Southwest Public Policy Institute Board Of Directors

Brett Kokinadis

Albuquerque (June 1, 2022) — The Southwest Public Policy Institute is pleased to announce today that Brett Kokinadis has joined the organization’s board of directors.

Brett is a former candidate for the US House of Representatives, served as First Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of Santa Fe County, and as director of several political action committees. With a thriving passion for bringing impactful ideas to life, Brett has over 23 years of entrepreneurship and executive leadership experience in the telecommunications, software, and finance sectors.

The Southwest Public Policy Institute is the leading public policy think tank dedicated to promoting and defending liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise in the American southwest.

Patrick Brenner, president of Southwest Public Policy Institute said:

“Southwest Public Policy Institute is a fledgling organization with agility and creativity in advocating for free-enterprise policy solutions throughout the American southwest. Mr. Kokinadis is well-respected in the limited-government movement in New Mexico and brings a unique perspective as we address some of the deepest challenges facing the southwest. Brett has been instrumental in launching the institute and his addition is pivotal as we grow our influence beyond the land of enchantment, expanding access to opportunity and prosperity for all.”

Brett Kokinadis, director of the board of Southwest Public Policy Institute said:

“As a runaway Democrat to the Republican party, I’ve gained an intimate understanding of political strategy, objectives, and policies from different political views. As a result, I’ve dedicated my time and substantial capital investments to improving the lives, economy, and political outcomes for the citizens of New Mexico. Through our unique political initiatives, Mr. Brenner and I have cooperated on several joint and highly effective efforts. I look forward to bringing my expertise from political efforts and over 23 years of entrepreneurship leadership in technology, communications, and finance to the Southwest Public Policy Institute.”

More about Brett Kokinadis

Brett continues to develop new technology-based companies and political initiatives in New Mexico, the United States, and globally. Managing an international payroll, mentoring startups, and helping local entrepreneurs afford Brett a clear understanding of New Mexico’s economic difficulties and solutions.

His companies have been recognized with prestigious awards, including SPROKIT, placing as a GITEX best global tech startup in Dubai, UAE, Amazon Web Services Re: invent Startup partner presenter, a New Mexico’s NMSBA recipient, and more.

By Southwest Public Policy Institute

The Southwest Public Policy Institute is a think tank dedicated to improving the quality of life in the American Southwest by formulating, promoting, and defending sound public policy solutions. Our mission is simple: to deliver better living through better policy.

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