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SPPI-TV Ep. 11: Powering the Future

Join us for the next episode of SPPI-TV titled "Powering the Future" as we delve into the current state of energy production and distribution. Our guest speakers for this episode are D. Dowd Muska, the Vice President of Research at the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI), and Larry Behrens, the Western States Director with Power the Future.

In this episode, we will be discussing SPPI's report, originally published in November 2022, titled "A Bright, Shining Disappointment: Solar Photovoltaic’s Failure in the Southwest." Dowd Muska will provide insights and analysis on the underwhelming performance of solar photovoltaic energy in the Southwest region of the United States. The report sheds light on the fundamental challenges faced by solar energy, its low contribution to the energy mix, and the reasons behind its inability to live up to expectations.

Larry Behrens, with his wealth of experience in state government and communications, will share his insights on energy and environmental policies in New Mexico. Having worked closely with implementing energy policies and overseeing key agencies, Behrens understands the impact of such policies on the lives of everyday citizens. He will provide valuable perspectives on how these policies can support energy workers and contribute to thriving communities.

Tune in to SPPI-TV Ep. 11: "Powering the Future" to gain a deeper understanding of the current energy landscape and explore the challenges and opportunities for the future. We believe that by sharing facts and research, we can foster a better-informed population and engage in a productive national conversation on energy. Together, let's strive for a high-quality life and a well-preserved environment, honoring the hard work and dedication of those who power our future.

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