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SPPI-TV Ep. 16: What’s a Microschool?

In the latest episode of SPPI-TV, titled “What’s a Microschool?”, host Patrick Brenner sits down with special guest Don Soifer, the cofounder and CEO of the National Microschooling Center. Join them as they delve into the fascinating world of microschools and explore their potential to revolutionize education.

Don Soifer is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to transforming education through innovative approaches. As the CEO of the National Microschooling Center, a groundbreaking nonprofit organization, Soifer has been instrumental in empowering small learning environments to become dynamic and diverse local communities that unlock the full transformative potential of education.

With a rich background in education and public policy, Soifer brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. He founded Nevada Action for School Options in 2018, a nonprofit that champions the growth of high-quality, personalized educational opportunities for all learners in Nevada, regardless of the educational sector. Soifer’s commitment to innovation and his role as a charter school authorizer has resulted in an impressive track record in the sector, serving on the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority and the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board.

As a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow and a co-founder of the Lexington Institute, one of the nation’s leading public policy think tanks, Soifer has demonstrated his expertise in education policy and research. He has authored numerous influential papers and articles and has advised government officials at all levels on enacting evidence-based policy changes.

Tune in to this episode of SPPI-TV to learn more about microschools, their benefits, and the transformative potential they hold for the future of education. Join Patrick Brenner and Don Soifer as they shed light on this innovative approach and discuss how it can shape the educational landscape in profound ways. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation with a true trailblazer in the field of education.

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