Tonja Brandt Joins Southwest Public Policy Institute Board Of Directors

Albuquerque (June 5, 2022) — The Southwest Public Policy Institute is pleased to announce today that Tonja Brandt has joined the organization’s board of directors.

Tonja Brandt is a 1987 graduate of Manzano High School and graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree in 2012.

As a mother of three adult children, she recognizes the importance of the economic policies and tax structure of New Mexico in keeping young adults in our state. Tonja is a music educator, so she understands the value of a good education. Sound educational policies without the unnecessary and burdensome requirements on teachers is what will help students learn and thrive in our schools. When we can give our children a top-notch education coupled with a fair tax structure New Mexico can become a thriving and desirable place to live and do business in.

Patrick Brenner, president of Southwest Public Policy Institute said:

“Southwest Public Policy Institute is an organization with agility and creativity in advocating for free-enterprise policy solutions throughout the American southwest. Mrs. Brandt is well-known and well-respected in New Mexico, bringing a unique perspective as we address some of the deepest challenges facing the southwest. I am thrilled to have Tonja join the institute as her addition is pivotal as we grow our influence.”

Tonja Brandt , director of the board of Southwest Public Policy Institute said:

“I am a lifelong conservative and have worked on many campaigns of all levels. As a student of The Leadership Institute, I have a unique understanding of politics and the inner workings of campaigns. Working in the state legislature has given me an insider’s view and understanding of the legislative process in New Mexico. I am committed to defending and promoting liberty, personal responsibility and free enterprise so that all New Mexicans can thrive in this beautiful state and am proud to join the Southwest Public Policy Institute.”

More about Tonja Brandt

Tonja has been a small business owner, a homeschooling mom and a public-school teacher. All these experiences give insight and knowledge into the different and wide-ranging challenges faced by individuals in all walks of life. She is married to New Mexico Senator Craig Brandt.

By Southwest Public Policy Institute

The Southwest Public Policy Institute is a think tank dedicated to improving the quality of life in the American Southwest by formulating, promoting, and defending sound public policy solutions. Our mission is simple: to deliver better living through better policy.

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