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Amazon Renews Partnership Commitment with SPPI for Second Year

The Southwest Public Policy Institute, a nonprofit nonpartisan think tank focusing on the real issues impacting families and businesses in the American Southwest, is pleased to announce its partnership with Amazon has been renewed for a second year.

Phoenix, AZ (July 6, 2023) — Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Amazon, the renowned American multinational technology company. Building upon the success of their collaboration over the past year, this extended commitment solidifies the shared vision of leveraging advanced technologies to address regional challenges and opportunities.

“SPPI is proud to be at the forefront of regional policy innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive positive change.”

Patrick M. Brenner, president of the Southwest Public Policy Institute

The partnership between SPPI and Amazon has been instrumental in accelerating SPPI’s mission to be a pioneering multi-state regional think tank with a focus on big data and artificial intelligence. As part of the renewed collaboration, Amazon will continue its support by providing SPPI with an annual grant. This funding will enable SPPI to further develop its digital and technology assets, enhancing its capabilities in audience outreach, education, and data-driven research initiatives.

“SPPI is proud to be at the forefront of regional policy innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive positive change,” stated Patrick Brenner, President of the Southwest Public Policy Institute. “Our continued partnership with Amazon and the generous support they provide through the AWS stipend empowers us to achieve our ambitious audience engagement goals and deliver impactful research outcomes. We are excited to build upon the progress we have made together and look forward to the great work we will produce in the coming year.”

The Chairman of the Board of SPPI, Brett Kokinadis, expressed his enthusiasm for the renewed collaboration and emphasized the significant value that Amazon’s resources bring to the table. With his extensive private sector technology experience, Kokinadis highlighted the unique opportunity to leverage the assets now available to SPPI, enabling the institute to effectively address the specific challenges and opportunities present in the region.

The renewed partnership between Amazon and SPPI exemplifies the commitment of both organizations to foster innovation and advance the development of public policy solutions through data-driven research and the application of advanced technologies. By combining the expertise and resources of Amazon with the groundbreaking work of SPPI, the partnership aims to make a lasting impact on the American Southwest and beyond.

About Southwest Public Policy Institute

Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is a multi-state regional think tank dedicated to addressing critical policy challenges through research, analysis, and collaboration. With a primary focus on big data and artificial intelligence, SPPI employs innovative approaches to drive evidence-based decision-making and promote sustainable development in the American Southwest.

About Amazon

Amazon is a global technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. With a mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, Amazon is committed to driving innovation, enabling economic growth, and enhancing the well-being of communities worldwide.

By Southwest Public Policy Institute

The Southwest Public Policy Institute is a think tank dedicated to improving the quality of life in the American Southwest by formulating, promoting, and defending sound public policy solutions. Our mission is simple: to deliver better living through better policy.

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