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I Want My SPPI-TV!

The revolution is being televised.

As the Southwest Public Policy Institute grows — thanks, of course, to contributions from our supporters — we’re adding more types of content. Our latest project is regular, live broadcasts of conversations with experts on important issues facing our region and our nation.

Last month, we interviewed historians Jim Flook and Raffi Andonian. On Friday, we’ll speak to Tryna Verbeck and Brian McCutcheon about the challenges facing law-enforcement officers and how both citizens and elected officials can promote public safety at a time when crime is, unfortunately, far too common in many of our communities.

Next week, we’ll chat with Trent England and Sean Parnell about the need to preserve the Electoral College.

Whether you watch our discussions live or catch them on YouTube as “reruns,” thanks for your interest in our work. SPPI-TV is made possible by the generous support of viewers like you. Thank you.

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