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Event: Saving the Electoral College

A thought-provoking discussion featuring Trent England and Sean Parnell, two distinguished experts on the Electoral College.

The Battle Royale Against the National Popular Vote Movement

This is a virtual event. On event day, you can watch live and include your questions during the Q&A session toward the end of the panel. Tune in live at

In this episode of the Southwest Public Policy Institute’s latest livestream, host Dowd Muska is joined by Trent England and Sean Parnell from Save Our States. Trent and Sean are experts in defending the Electoral College. As many states are considering joining the National Popular Vote movement, the discussion dives into why the Electoral College is so important for our democracy and how we can protect it.

Trent and Sean provide insightful analysis and commentary on the current state of the debate and what actions can be taken to prevent this dangerous shift away from our founding principles. With their extensive experience in public policy and legal analysis, they offer a fresh perspective on the topic and present compelling arguments in favor of preserving the Electoral College.

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By Southwest Public Policy Institute

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