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SPPI-TV Ep. 6: No Loan For You! Las Vegas Conference After Action Report

In this podcast episode, we discuss the aftermath of the AFSA 2023 Independents Conference & Expo, where Patrick Brenner, President of the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI), presented findings from the "No Loan for You!" report. The report sheds light on how the war on specialized emergency lending is negatively impacting the unbanked and underbanked in the American Southwest.

Brett Kokinadis, Chairman of the Board of Directors, joins us to share his thoughts on the conference and the key takeaways from Patrick's presentation. He highlights how the report challenges the use of annual percentage rates (APRs) to scrutinize loans and suggests alternative measures for policymakers to consider.

Brett also discusses how Patrick's presentation was received by attendees and the impact it could have on the future of emergency lending in the Southwest. This podcast episode offers valuable insights into the complex issue of emergency lending and its impact on marginalized communities.

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