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Stacy on the Right with Patrick: the Rape at Rio Rancho’s ASK Academy

In a recent interview with Stacy Washington from Stacy on the Right on Sirius XM Patriot, we delved into the deeply concerning ASK Academy rape incident, shedding light on the impact of gender-inclusive policies on women's safety in schools. This thought-provoking discussion explored the case in detail, the challenges faced by the victim's family, and the broader implications of such incidents on the ongoing conversation surrounding gender inclusivity.

During the interview, we focused on the case at hand, where a 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped in a trans-inclusive bathroom at the ASK Academy in New Mexico. We examined the concerns raised by this incident, particularly regarding the potential compromise of women and girls' safety under gender-inclusive policies. We discussed the distress experienced by the victim and her family, including their struggle to seek justice and the lack of support from the school administration.

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One reply on “Stacy on the Right with Patrick: the Rape at Rio Rancho’s ASK Academy”

This is why bathrooms, locker rooms and jails/prisons need to be segregated by sex. Not the sex one “identifies” as but their biological gender. If one still has a penis, you’re considered male and still have a vagina you’re considered female. End of discussion.

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