The Southwest Public Policy Institute is pleased to announce the completion of a recent survey focusing on the appropriateness of book content in school libraries. This survey was conducted from November 14th to 16th and engaged parents of students attending Las Cruces Public Schools.

A total of 55 parents participated in this important survey, offering their perspectives on various aspects of book content and its suitability for school-aged children. The survey included questions about the general assessment of books for age appropriateness in schools, with a specific focus on the book “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” and its presence in public school libraries, including Mayfield High School’s library.

The results of this survey provide valuable insights into parental opinions regarding the content their children are exposed to in educational settings. We extend our gratitude to all the participants for their valuable contributions and for sharing their perspectives on this significant topic.

The summary of the survey results is as follows:

  • Q1: Belief that books in schools should be assessed for age appropriateness: The average score was 4.35, indicating strong agreement among respondents.
  • Q2: Appropriateness of the content in “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” for school-aged children: The average score was 4.20, suggesting that most respondents agree that the content is not appropriate for school-aged children.
  • Q3: Keeping “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” in public school libraries: The average score was 1.74, indicating strong disagreement with the idea of keeping this book in public school libraries.
  • Q4: Keeping “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” in the Mayfield High School library: The average score was 1.70, also showing strong disagreement with keeping the book in the Mayfield High School library.

These results suggest a significant agreement among respondents on the need for age-appropriateness assessment of books in schools and the inappropriateness of “Jack of Hearts and Other Parts” for school-aged children. There is also a clear consensus against the inclusion of this particular book in both public school libraries and specifically in the Mayfield High School library.

The Southwest Public Policy Institute remains committed to engaging with the community on crucial public policy issues and will continue to conduct research that informs and guides decision-making in our educational institutions.

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