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Fox Business Highlights the Launch of SPPI’s Bureau to Protect Financial Consumers

The Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI) is honored to announce that its recent launch of the Bureau to Protect Financial Consumers from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (BPFCCFPB) has been covered by nationally acclaimed Fox Business.

This pivotal coverage by Fox Business underscores the urgent need for initiatives like the BPFCCFPB, which aim to champion the rights of financial consumers and highlight the essential need for greater transparency and accountability within the financial sector.

Patrick Brenner, president of SPPI, remarked, “We are deeply gratified by Fox Business’s coverage. It not only validates the significance of our initiative but also helps amplify our message to a broader audience. The BPFCCFPB stands as a beacon for consumer protection, and this media acknowledgment propels our mission even further.”

The segment on Fox Business delves into the rationale behind the formation of BPFCCFPB and the overarching goals of the initiative. With its broad viewership, Fox Business’s feature on the BPFCCFPB is expected to enhance public awareness about the challenges facing financial consumers and the solutions that SPPI is proposing.

For those interested in viewing the segment or learning more about the BPFCCFPB, please visit SPPI invites all stakeholders, including consumers, policymakers, and industry professionals, to join in this vital conversation to ensure a safer and more transparent financial environment for all.

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