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SPPI Offers Driven Students Exciting Fellowship Opportunity

Jack Radomski and Brandt Kringlie are the inaugural recipients of the Marianne T. Anderson Memorial Fellowship.

Marianne T. Anderson (1933-2022)

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Marianne T. Anderson Memorial Fellowship for the Southwest Public Policy Institute. This fellowship was created in memory of Marianne T. Anderson, a remarkable woman who was a dedicated scientist, a devoted military wife, an artist, an entertainer, a teacher, and a traveler. The inaugural recipients of the fellowship are Jack Radomski and Brandt Kringlie.

This fellowship honors Marianne’s legacy and supports the education and professional development of future leaders in public policy. The research project will enable Jack and Brandt to explore the specialized emergency lending industry and the potential shortcomings of “big banks” in providing short-term small-dollar loans.

For Jack, a senior history major from the University of Minnesota, this fellowship provides a chance to delve into a topic he has been following closely. As he puts it, “I think this is an interesting project that combines personal finance with real world experiences. This is a hands-on project and a topic that has been in the news recently and something I have followed.”

For Brandt, a computer science major also from the University of Minnesota, this fellowship offers a unique opportunity to learn about personal finance and lending. He says, “I accepted the fellowship through SPPI because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to do some research and write a narrative about the experience. I am interested in personal finance mainly because there is a ton to learn for my own benefit, and it is something you can learn easily by doing some self-exploration.”

Both Jack and Brandt are excited to contribute to the research project and gain valuable insights into the emergency lending industry. Through their work, they hope to shed light on the challenges faced by those in need of short-term small-dollar loans and explore potential solutions to improve access to these critical financial resources.

This crucial work related to No Loan For You! and No Loan For You, Too! has generated interest from across the nation. Recently, SPPI president Patrick Brenner was asked to speak in Las Vegas at the 2023 Independents Conference & Expo on our work related to this specific project.

We are excited to bring more fellowship opportunities for students nationally to take part in our work! Our momentum is building, and we are grateful to our supporters for being part of the Institute.

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[…] Jack Radomski and Brandt Kringlie are undergraduates at the University of Minnesota. Like many college students, “well-qualified borrower” describes neither young man. Often burdened with education debt, limited work experience, low incomes from part-time jobs and/or student aid, and a lack of well-established credit history, young adults pursuing higher education are not desirable customers for most lenders. […]

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