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SPPI-TV Ep. 7: Corporate Welfare – Make it Stop!

In the latest episode of SPPI-TV, Dowd Muska and John Mozena take center stage to discuss the controversial topic of corporate welfare. John, the President of the Center for Economic Accountability, has been on both sides of the economic development wars and brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. Dowd, the VP of Research at the Southwest Public Policy Institute, has spent nearly 30 years studying government at all levels and is an expert on fiscal policy, economic development, and technology.

Together, they explore the issue of corporate welfare, including the use of taxpayer money to subsidize big businesses and the negative impact it can have on smaller companies and the overall economy. They delve into the history of corporate welfare, its current state, and what needs to be done to stop it. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, Dowd and John provide insightful commentary on this pressing issue that affects us all.

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