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A 3-Letter Word: J-O-B-S

Our region’s employment boom continues.

The American Southwest’s jobs gusher is getting embarrassing. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California each saw employment grow between April and May, with an average increase of 0.30 percent.

The local J-O-B-S powerhouse remains Utah. The performance of its mighty employment machine has ticked upward for six months in a row. Oklahoma can’t say the same, but at 0.40 percent, its May result was impressive enough.

The Beehive State’s unemployment rate was 2.3 percent, well below the national mark and tied for 7th among the states. Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico beat the U.S. figure, too. (Sadly, Nevada, once again, came in at a rock-bottom 5.4 percent. The good news for the Silver State: Since February, its job-growth rate has accelerated.)

The American Southwest has the best economy in the nation. That’s something to be enormously proud of — it’s also a reason to support the pro-economic development researchers working to maintain our region’s enviable status.

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