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The Future of School Choice in New Mexico

School Choice will remain an important focus in 2023. Informing parents about the concept is a critical first step.

School choice refers to the ability of parents to choose which school their children attend, rather than being assigned to a school based on their residential address. This can include public schools, private schools, and charter schools. In the state of New Mexico, school choice is an important issue because it can improve the quality of education for all students.

First and foremost, school choice allows parents to find the best educational fit for their children. Every child is different, with their own unique needs and learning styles. By giving parents the ability to choose which school their children attend, they can ensure that their children are attending a school that is well-suited to their needs. This can lead to better academic outcomes for students, as they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in a school that is a good fit for them.

In addition to benefiting individual students, school choice can also improve the overall quality of education in the state of New Mexico. When parents have the ability to choose which schools their children attend, schools must compete with one another for students. This creates a marketplace of education, in which schools must strive to provide the best education possible in order to attract and retain students. This can lead to increased accountability and improved performance from schools, as they seek to provide a high-quality education in order to compete with other schools.

Furthermore, school choice can also provide more opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Traditionally, students from low-income families may be assigned to underperforming schools due to their residential address. With school choice, however, these students have the opportunity to attend better-performing schools, regardless of their family’s income or their residential address. This can help to level the playing field and provide all students with an equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education.

School choice is an important issue in the state of New Mexico. It allows parents to find the best educational fit for their children, improves the overall quality of education, and provides more opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

5 replies on “The Future of School Choice in New Mexico”

School choice is absolutely essential but how does one decide how to make that choice? Please, when you write commentaries offer credible resources that can be used to further understand a pathway forward. Too many use their personal reflection on how school was for them as a valid point of perspective and then an objective. Being constructively concerned means rethinking education for our students that prepares them for the latter half of the 21st century. Not the 20th century. I suggest “Disrupting Class” by Clayton Christensen, “The One World Schoolhouse” by Sal Khan, “Reinventing America’s Schools” by Osborne, and From Reopen to Reinvent” by Michael Horn as starters that should lead those really interested in furthering advancement in what preparing today’s children for tomorrows world needs to look like. We are the ones that need a fresh education so proper student-centric decisions can be made.

Yes, most of us agree that school choice is a good idea. But does it have any future in New Mexico? I was hoping your report would answer that question. The state’s political climate suggests the deck is stacked against school choice.
School choice is nothing new. My kids are the product of two generations of school choice. My parents moved from Chicago to the suburbs for decent schools, and I chose to raise my family in a quality suburban school district. It may be that the future of school choice in New Mexico will consist of parents moving out of state.

It would be nice to attend and participate this event (especially the Q&A) but as a full-time working Mom holding it at 10:00 am on Tuesday is impossible. Weekends and/or after work hours make it more convenient for us full time employees.

I understand a bill is being introduced in the upcoming NM Legislative Session concerning school choice. Could you please give me the number of the bill so I can follow it?

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