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Las Cruces Sun News: A case for a permanent fund dividend

New Mexico stands on the cusp of a golden era, with its oil and gas boom enriching the state’s coffers to unprecedented levels. Now is the time to ensure that this wealth directly benefits the very people who make New Mexico vibrant and unique: its residents. Drawing inspiration from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), it’s […]

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The Center Square: Utah Creates an Ideal Homeschool Environment with Universal ESAs

If you’re a homeschooling parent, an exciting development in Utah offers your family an impressive benefit. Earlier this year, lawmakers in Salt Lake City created the Utah Fits All Scholarship, putting the Beehive State in the forefront of the Education Saving Account movement. What does that mean? Starting in the 2024-25 school year, all K-12 […]

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‘Wonderment and Bemusement’

SPPI’s vice president of research talks about the policy and culture of the Silver State.

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Championing Freedom: Joining the Freedom Conservatism Movement

At the Southwest Public Policy Institute (SPPI), our mission has always been clear: to be the vanguard of free-market ideals and hold government structures accountable for the betterment of the American Southwest. As we move forward in our relentless pursuit of these ideals, we are elated to announce our recent alignment with the Freedom Conservatism […]

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Daily Caller: Gavin Newsome Should Rebuild His State’s Power Grid Instead of Destroying Everyone Else’s

Originally published at on July 25, 2023. California’s power grid has been experiencing instability due to its outrageous energy goals, lack of nuclear power in its target portfolio mix, and recent heat waves. Governor Gavin Newsom has touted the state’s efforts to bolster renewable energy, but the reality is far from achieving those goals. The intermittent nature of […]

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Does the Mother Road Need Big Government?

Trait Thompson, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, is now a member of the Route 66 Centennial Commission. Nominated by U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the bureaucrat joins representatives from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and his home state whom The Swamp has tasked to “study and recommend in a report […]

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Fox News: Hit the brakes on Elizabeth Warren’s beleaguered bureaucracy

If the CFPB is watching financial institutions for bad behavior, who’s watching the CFPB?

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Shocking Decline in Academic Scores Revealed: Are Our Schools Failing?

Recent data from the National Assessment of Academic Progress (NAEP), also known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” reveals a significant decline in reading and math scores for 13-year-olds. The results highlight the academic failures caused by COVID lockdowns and school closures. The average scores in reading have dropped to levels last observed in the 1970s, […]

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Embracing the Spirit of Independence

On this day of remembrance, let us honor those who have served and continue to serve our country, protecting the freedom and rights we hold dear.

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Arizona Daily Star: It’s wrong to force Arizonans to pay for government lobbying

Originally published at on June 29, 2023. As the smackdown over school choice in Arizona intensifies, taxpayers in the Grand Canyon State should know that they’re paying for both attacks on and defenses of the Empowerment Scholarship Account Program. The Arizona School Boards Association charges that “vouchers” impose “unsustainable” costs and are “a massive blow to […]