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The Drafting of America’s First Constitutions

From our friends at the Federalist Society. The extraordinary decade from 1776 to 1787 marked the most substantial period of constitution writing in the history of the world. For the first time, men were able to determine their own systems of government; but the process involved considerable trial and error, leading to the creation of […]

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Albuquerque Public Schools Makes the Case for School Choice

Are the worst educational outcomes on record causing declining enrollment? Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Scott Elder announced a need to trim 5% of its staff in the coming school year in response to an enrollment-driven deficit estimated at $17 million. The media dutifully reported that the district faces a “budget deficit,” but that is not […]

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Latest Unemployment Rates of the American Southwest

The latest unemployment figures have been released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In April 2022, New Mexico tops the list as the state with the worst unemployment rate in the country at 5.3%. Utah was among the best at 1.9%, with only Nebraska reporting a lower unemployment rate. State Labor force Unemployed […]

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Looming Energy Crisis Exacerbated By Nuclear Energy Exit And Solar Supply Crunch

Regulators blame the utility, and the utility blames the supply chain. Is anyone blaming the legislation?

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In New Mexico, 99% of Contributions from Teachers Unions Went to Democrats

The latest reports are in. The latest New Mexico campaign finance reports were filed on May 9th. According to the Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance System, during the 2022 campaign cycle, at least $126,475 of political contributions were made by teachers unions, namely the American Federation of Teachers. $125,475 went to Democrat candidates. The American […]

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Poll: 7 of 10 New Mexicans Prefer Affordable and Reliable Energy

Only 3 in 10 consider green energy a priority.

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Newsmax: Antitrust Watchdogs Should Focus on Substance, Not Size

Save for the rare instances where high start-up costs or other extreme barriers to entry are present or the potential customer base is extremely limited, most economists agree: Monopolies are bad for consumers. This thinking, now more than a century old, gave rise to the adoption of increasingly more comprehensive laws giving the federal government […]

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Latest School Closures Make The Case For School Choice

Earlier this week, more than ten school districts around New Mexico, including Santa Fe Public Schools, have returned to remote learning. These closures follow trends in blue-state urban centers like Chicago where the Chicago Teachers Union announced a remote work action following winter break. While the union’s actions amounted to a legally questionable strike, 63% […]

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The Federalist: Sir Richard Branson Should Pay His Own Way Into Space

Why are New Mexico’s politicians lining the pockets of these already wealthy and successful entrepreneurs through taxpayer-funded, industry-specific subsidies?

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Santa Fe New Mexican: State Secrecy Goes Beyond Executive Team

Originally published at the Santa Fe New Mexican on July 13, 2021. In Daniel J. Chacón’s article he alleges that members of Governor Michelle Luan Grisham’s administration have private messaging apps on their government-issued cellphones. I’ll call your bet and raise you: It’s not just the staff of the executive branch; it’s dozens of state agencies. They are using […]